In Burundi, the Telecoms Group delivers high quality, crystal clear, reliable and cost effective voice solutions using the latest VoIP technologyoptimised to work over satellite and terrestrial networks.

The core of our Voice Solutions platform is a custom built VoIP softswitch with functionality that we believe will meet the demands of our enterprise and business customers across the globe.

We deliver the complete package, from a single phone at a remote location to a centralised multi-site solution for voice, video conferencing, IM capability and even smart phone apps for users on the go. We can provide a system for you to manage and control in Burundi or have it all managed for you through our partner European multilingual 24/7 Network Operations Centre at the  Onlime teleport.

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Map of Burundi

However, in order to ensure the quality of our services we also provide fast, reliable, secure Broadband Internet connections over VSAT or fibre. Whether you are in Bujumbura or upcountry in the provinces of Burundi, we understand that you need business communications you can depend on.

Our VSAT service covers all of Burundi with a powerful Ku-band satellite (NSS-12) or the new C-band satellite (AFRICASAT-1a). All of the satellite services are delivered from our partner teleport and earth station in Germany, Onlime, which serves as the technical hub of our Burundi network.

We provide support in Burundi from our partner offices in Bujumbura and with our focus on mining, oil & gas, hotels, banking and many other sectors; we cover a large part of the country with our VSAT services.

We install 1.2m satellite antennas to receive our Ku-band service where available and 1.8m or 2.4m dishes to receive our C-band service. You can be guaranteed a reliable and quality Internet Broadband or Data connection wherever you are in Burundi.

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The services we provide in Burundi include:

iDirect Evolution® and iNFINITI® VSAT shared or contended bandwidth
SCPC VSAT dedicated bandwidth
ISP and Mobile Operator Backhaul Solutions
Voice over IP – VoIP
DVB S2 with ACM
Tier 1 Internet Broadband
Two-way Internet satellite broadband
Private Data Networks & VPN
TV Broadcast Contribution
CNO and VNO options
Fibre Access (where available)
Wireless, WiMax and WiFi Networks
BGAN &Thuraya